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The Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) is responsible for all matters related to the development and administration of the university’s academic. 

In July 2009, the role of the Deputy Vice Chancellor’s Office was upgraded and expanded in tandem with the establishment of the Center for Quality Assurance and Accreditation, Center for Teaching and Learning as well as UMK International Office. At the same time, the Academic Administration Division which was under the Registrar Office was also transferred to the portfolio of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International). 

The division of Strategic and Administration was established in 2022. 

With the organizational restructuring, the Deputy Vice Chancellor’s (International and Academic Affairs) Office is currently fast heading towards making UMK a leading entrepreneurial university in the national and international stage. 

Furthermore, the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) has the responsibilities to enrich academic policy development, to promote quality assurance processes, to improve the quality of teaching and learning, development and promotion of academic program locally and internationally.

The fundamental role of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) is to develop  educational frameworks and policies that support the University's strategic goals through leadership, especially in relation to teaching and learning, efforts to improve the student experience as well as continuous professional development for the University's academic staff.

The appointed Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International) throughout the period of UMK's establishment until presently, are:

  1. PROF. DR. AZIZUL HALIM BIN YAHYA (1 February 2008-1 February 2011) 
  2. PROF. DR. ROSELINA BINTI AHMAD SAUFI (1 May 2012-30 April 2015)
  3. PROF. DR. MOHD. HASSAN BIN MOHD. OSMAN (15 June 2015-14 June 2018)
  4. PROF. DR. MOHD RAFI BIN YAACOB (15 June 2018-14 June 2021)
  5. PROF. DR. NIK MAHERAN BINTI NIK MUHAMMAD (15 June 2021- Present)
About Us


Pioneering academic development and internationalization of the university with an aim to developing entrepreneurial human capital for global prosperity.


Developing quality entrepreneurship-based learning programs, expert and professional teaching staff, excellent academic administration system as well as strengthening worldwide academic networks.


  1. Improving university administration performance through corporate culture to provide efficient, effective and professional administrative solutions.

  2. Ensuring information and records are always integrated, complete, accurate and secure.

  3. Willing to fully commit towards continuous reform and improvement in strengthening the quality system by universities and the Ministry of Higher Education.

  4. Fulfilling the needs and expectations of customers through academic services provided by academic entities.

  5. Planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring the implementation of the TNCAA Office Customer Satisfaction Survey.