Our Teams

Academic Development Unit

  • To plan and manage competency training plans and academic talent excellence
  • To manage the implementation plan of ongoing professional development programs
  • To manage external training of academic staff (face to face & online)
  • To manage external training of academic staff (face to face & online)
  • Develop frameworks, guidelines and implementation strategies to faculty and schools towards producing : [i] Inspiring educator [ii] Accomplished researcher [iii] Experienced practitioner [iv] Institutional leader
  • Academic enculturation through :[i] Coaching and mentoring [ii] Sharing session [iii] Network in / between areas of expertise [iv] Role model in the delivery and appreciation of integrity as an academic

Academic Development Unit

Teaching and Learning Innovation Unit :

  • To plan, manage and monitor Outcome Based Education implementation policy (program/course)
  • To manage training (eLearning and OBE) / do the research and development for the online courses
  • To manage eLearning system & MOOC development (content & technical support)
  • To plan and manage the implementation of Blended Learning-Online Distance Learning
  • To manage teaching / lecturer evaluation

Teaching and Learning Innovation Unit

IT and Technical eLearning Unit

  • Developing ideas in the eLearning system which course material will be digitalised. Sourcing digital learning resources for web, multimedia and mobile environments, researching and writing learning resources for faculties and lecturers to create the UMK eLearning - Online Learning offer that reflects the range of subjects.
  • Working with the administration and academic teams to support their needs for resources and information on the eLearning.
  • Researching and writing digitally-led learning resources in response to pilot projects aimed at our diverse set of learner’s pre arrival.
  • Provide the eLearning and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) platform/system.

Administrator and Management

Planning and coordinating administrative procedures and systems and devising ways to streamline processes. Recruiting and training personnel and allocate responsibilities and office space.