Introduction To Center for Academic Excellence and Development

Welcome to the Center of Excellence and Academic Development (CAED) UMK.

CAED in its formation will take charge on three ( 3) core Unit. The units are :


All these three Unit were table as to give direction the job scope of CAED. For each Unit, there are details to enhance the unit operated under CAED. 2018 had shown success stories. We began 2018 conducting MOOC development in SWU and CHulallongkorn University Thailand together with AJC and USSH Vietnam. MOOC UMK Team with various expertise from storyboarding, creating MOOC and uploading MOOC has shown significant impact to the ERASMUS+ Media Literacy as a Social Change Project.

The three countries involved in MOOC development facilitate by UMK has shown the strength of UMK MOOC Experts in handling this prestigious project. Later UMK bagged the most gold in IUCEL 2018. CAED also won the outstanding award for special project in IUCEL 2018. The end of 2018 UMK shine again with the success of Award Winner during Education Minister Special Award (AKRI) 2018 under Category Blended Learning. In vein with this, alignment on Outcome Based Education been placed specifically for the reviewieng of curriculum and formation of new programme. CAED has continuously support the academician in propelling the skills and knowledge in the development of academic programme.

CAED act as custodian for MY Academic Integrated System (MyAIS) that monitored and evaluate the OBE Implementation. My AIS has won Gold Medal in IUCEL Competition2016 and further upgrading done to align the needs of OBE System. CAED had shown rigorous achievement in planning, managing, executing and evaluate Blended Learning Online System using Moodle Platform. CAED the custodian for Blended Learning system. BL governance, framework, Online System, monitoring and evaluation are in place and as such UMK seat the top two rank practicing BL among 20 Public Universities.

All schedule activities were planned as to translate the TOR of CAED, 2019 with the Way forward and Roadmap has made CAED having clearer directions. The three Units have more task to shoulder. Planning towards strengthening CAED has been dwelve by inviting scholarly academician at UMK and Invited Speakers towards the success of CAED in the future. More ground work need to furnish as CAED has just been given all these task that need internal and external support. For the benefit of UMK as a whole CAED will ever ready to roll on the few new task especially in consolidating academic staf development programme and activities. Many thanks to everyone who has support CAED in one or another in assisting CAED to achieve its aims and objectives.