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About Malaysia

Truly Asia

Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia. Land borders with Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei and maritime borders are shared with Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur while Putrajaya is the federal administrative centre of the country. Malaysia comprises of 14 states, each state is headed by a Sultan or head of the state. Malaysia is under the system of federal constitutional monarchy.

The head of the country is known as the Yang Di Pertuan Agong (the supreme king) elected among the nine states Sultans every five years. The Head of the Government is the Prime Minister. The population of Malaysia is approximately 32 million, comprising of three main races namely the Malays, Chinese, Indians and numerous ethnic groups (Kadazan, Bajau, Iban, Dayak). Islam is the official religion and other religions are freely practised. Malaysia is a humid and hot tropical country with an average temperature of 32 degrees daily, and annual rainfall about 2,000 mm to 2,500 mm.

About Kelantan

Kelantan is literally translated as the “Land of Lightning” and it possesses invaluable throve of heritage treasures, rustic fishing villages, vast paddy fields and languid palm-fringed beaches. Located in the north-eastern of Peninsular Malaysia, Kelantan has successfully continued its legacy of keeping alive its rich tangible (handicrafts, historical sites and buildings) and intangible heritage (culture, customs and traditions), hence earning the title – Kelantan: The Cradle of Malay Culture. Cultural activities are an integral part of the local daily life of its dwellers, ranging from colourful kites soaring the blue skies to the giant drums reverberating the precious air of the villages. Shadow puppets and classical theatre mesmerize audiences with endless fun and memories. Kelantan has a population of about 2 million of which 95% is Malay while Chinese, Indians and Orang Asli make up the rest. Kelantanese is renowned for their warmth and friendly attitudes, hence matching its gracious beauty and charm that few can resist. Kelantan is also a state well known for its dynamic entrepreneurship especially among women who are also the homemakers, evidently seen in Pasar Siti Khatijah, the most photographed market in Southeast Asia.


Abubakar Abdulkarim
(Master of Veterinary Medicine)

“Malaysia is nice place and Kelantan in particular is attractive in its own way. The people in Kelantan are very kind, friendly and helpful. UMK is a nice university, with good people (the academic, non-academic and the international staff), I really appreciate their kindness and support in helping me cope with my study. Above all it is less costly and very much affordable compared to other Universities.”

Yoga Rafinika
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Pursuing an MBA has always been my dream as I aim to have broader knowledge related to the inside and outside of business operations. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan facilitates valuable knowledge and I learn from the real experts. Many of the professors and teaching staff are equipped with academic and industrial experiences that make learning fun, relevant and practical. The program syllabus, assignments, classes, and assessments are delivered in flexible but effective manners which help in producing top managers. I love the state of Kelantan too for it is socially, culturally and historically unique. Malaysia, truly Asia, it is worth to study here!

Ferid Abdulhafiz
(PhD in Biotechnology)

The reason why I chose UMK was due to their strong focus on research, entrepreneurship and high quality education. I joined the university in 2016 to pursue my MSc degree and successfully graduated in 2018. Right after my graduation I continued my PhD study here in UMK. Studying at UMK has given me a unique learning experience that shaped who I am today. I have been also offered a PhD fellowship and supported financially and for that I am so grateful. Additionally, studying here in UMK allowed me to learn a different culture, interact with people and gain experience. I participated in several events such as GLOBAL AMBASSADOR program, Cultural Night, International Students’ Day and City Tour which gave me a truly international experience and allowed me to meet up with local and international students who are studying in various universities in Malaysia. 

Sapsean Dwi Agustina
(Master in Tourism)

In UMK, I get friends not only from Malaysia but also from other countries. It is a very great experience for me to widen my knowledge with many other international students from many countries. And also the university provides so many facilities such as strong WIFI, a great library, and comfortable classrooms.

Rizki Wannahari
(Master by Research)

“Being able to pursue my Master by research in Faculty of Agro Based Industry was wonderful, truly I am having an incredible time here and been able to know and learn more about Kelantanese culture.”

Olalere Folasayo Enoch
(PhD in Product Design)

“It’s really exciting to be here (UMK), an academia with curricula tailored towards this world’s priority (i.e. job and wealth creation).”

Sharifo Ali Elmi
(Master of Science)

“UMK is in Kelantan offers conducive learning environment. UMK is the second public university in Malaysia that offers veterinary medicine program.”


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