UMK International (UMK-IO) was established in July 2012 under the responsibility of Deputy Vice Chancellor Office (Academic and International). This center started it officially operation on March 2013. Generally, this center act as a liaison between UMK with abroad. The goal of this center is to promote UMK's academic programs, recruiting and managing the welfare of international students.




To be as a one-stop center of international affairs for Universiti Malaysia Kelantan


Moving towards the internationalization of UMK with more efficient, widespread and respectable along with the vision and mission of university

Function of unit:

  • Promotes and markets the university's academic programs internationally
  • To be as a one-stop center of international affairs
  • Manages the application and welfare including visa arrangements for international students
  • Establish a cooperative relationship between UMK with International Higher Education Institutions
  • Manages the applications of student mobility program (inbound and outbound) in collaboration with faculties and centres
  • Monitors and evaluates the existing and new MoU, MoA and LoI in collaboration with Legal and Governance Division


Dr. Nasirin Bin Abdillah

Director of UMK International Office


From The Desk Director of Universiti Malaysia Kelantan International Office

Greetings to all!

UMK International or known as UMK–IO is under the Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic and International). The vision of UMK–IO is to become a one-stop centre in handling all international-related affairs of the University. Our mission is working proactively in internationalising UMK aimed at realising the visibility of the University to the world.

At UMK–IO, we pride ourselves on being a place where everyone is warmly welcome. We mainly provide support services in relation to application of international students to study at UMK; assisting and advising them on matters related to federal immigration regulations as well as student pass and visa. UMK–IO is also a centre that facilitates any international mobility programmes (inbound and outbound) involving all campus community, either students or staff.

Apart from the academic credentials you will get after your studies at UMK, you will gain unique cultural experiences of Kelantan. Kelantan, the north-eastern state of the peninsular Malaysia, sometimes known as the ‘Cradle of Malay Culture’, is home to many Malay traditions such as Makyung, Wayang Kulit, Dikir Barat, Songket weaving, Batik design, Kite Flying, Gasing (Spinning Top), to name just a few. In Kelantan, you will also experience unforgettable food delights – from mouth-watering local dishes such as Nasi Kerabu, Kerutuk, Nasi Tumpang, Teresek, Kerabu Sare, Laksam to some exquisite traditional Malay kuih (desserts) such as Kator, Nekbat, Gelembung Buaya, Lompat Tikam, Asam Gumpal, Putu Halba, Tahi Itik, Gerodok Telur and many more. Imagine experiencing all these cultural and gastronomic marvels in the rustic, sparsely populated villages with mesmerising picturesque landscapes of mountains, rivers and caves – Kelantan is an ideal place to study, away from the hustle and bustle of hectic cities.

As you set out on the incredible journey in UMK, I want you to know that the entire UMK–IO is here to support you, especially to all international students and staff. Welcome to Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK). 




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